Dickies Pharmacy is a family owned group of independent pharmacies in Aberdeen. We specialise in NHS services including prescription dispensing and also supply medicines, equipment and services to the offshore sector.

Offshore Medication
We specialise in providing medication and equipment to the oil and gas industry, stand by and supply vessels since 1978.
We provide medication and equipment to private clinics, hospitals and occupational health settings.
If you’re housebound, we can pick up your prescription from a local surgery, dispense and deliver for free.

“We are an independent family run pharmacy that serves the health and beauty needs of Aberdeen and the wider area.”


Macleans Fresh Mint Toothpaste

99p Was: £1.50

Alberto Balsam Shampoo/Conditioner

£1.20 each Was: £1.99

Carex Original Handwash (250ml)

£1 Was: £1.75